Several studies have compared backpack vacuums vs. their upright vacuum counterparts. The findings are stark, as those who use backpack vacuums expend just half the physical energy and perceived effort of those who use uprights.

Further, backpack vacuums also reduce body stress associated with vacuuming because they minimize hunching over due to pushing and pulling which is often associated with upright vacuums. With a backpack vacuum, a cleaner’s repetitive motion also incorporates side-to-side strokes as well as back-and-forth ones, yielding even more ergonomic benefits.

And since backpacks allow for a natural range of motion, users don’t engage in the repetitive motions that can cause a repetitive stress injury. In fact, cleaning personnel are able to vacuum in half the time because they are able to clean in a natural walking motion.

When implementing backpacks into a cleaning program, however, users must wear the units correctly. The weight of the backpack should rest on a cleaner’s hips and shoulders. Most backpack units have an ergonomic back harness to reduce injury and to cut down on back strain as custodians clean.