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Carpet Care: Maintaining Carpet Levels Without Down Time

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How do you maintain carpet appearance levels without the inconvenience and down time associated with frequent deep cleaning? When deep cleaning is all they know, facility managers sometimes choose this method, which ultimately costs more while allowing the carpet’s appearance to degrade over time.

Rick Susaeta, operations manager for Coverall Cleaning Concepts, which offers a national janitorial cleaning program for companies with multiple locations nationwide, outlines the trap:

“Many of our clients like to have full service janitorial services performed during their regular working hours. This makes the job a lot harder for our franchise owners who must slow down production time to work around the customers.”

How does a service get around this difficulty when hot water extraction requires hours of dry time?

One option would be to perform the service on a non-workday. The client may have to pay a representative to be there during the cleaning process, and although the final product may appear to be a success, it can end up being costly and inconvenient with a possibility of wick-back. Because the client may not service carpets as often as needed due to this inconvenience, the facility looses eye appeal, and eventually, health concerns may arise from unclean carpet.

Susaeta sees customer education as part of the job. It can be challenging to convince them why carpets cannot continue to look new when they have not been serviced regularly. He believes in Whittaker’s SmartCare® Carpet System, a process that has made Whittaker the industry expert on interim maintenance.

“Carpet maintenance needs to be put on a schedule and followed through. You will get a cleaner and healthier work place, and the longevity of the carpet will be greatly enhanced, which allows dollars to be spent in a different direction instead of replacing carpet,” Susaeta explains.

Clients are impressed when Susaeta’s economical solution provides a beautiful finished product over the noon hour.

“Using Whittaker’s products allows customers to keep working, and we make sure all high traffic areas are completed before the customer comes back from lunch. Due to fast dry times and quiet LOMAC® machines, we can finish the low traffic areas even after the customer returns.”

Some of his customers have a strong commitment to the environment, and others are in the process of turning toward the “green movement.” Susaeta accommodates them easily with Whittaker’s environmentally-friendly processes and Green Seal certified chemistry, Crystal Dry® Extra.

There are several more reasons why Whittaker is a good choice, and numbers stand out to Susaeta.

“Our profits climb 300 percent compared to hot water extraction, and productivity utilizing Whittaker systems is increased 75 percent.”

Susaeta talks about the portability and ease of use for providers, saying “It takes only one person to maneuver this machine from vehicle to jobsite and back to the vehicle. It breaks down to fit in the back seat of an economy car! No extra labor or van with ramps or lift gate is required.” He also likes how easy Whittaker’s products are to master.

“Within two or three hours all the products can be taught verbally and hands-on with complete confidence.”

Since he switched to Whittaker, Susaeta hasn’t looked back and would encourage anyone to do the same.

“Don’t think twice,” he says.

When it comes to endorsing Whittaker, Susaeta does not hesitate. If consistent customer satisfaction, environmentally friendly chemicals, and fast dry times are not enough, he directs attention to Whittaker’s support via the internet, phone and in person.

By Maryjo Faith Morgan