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Removing Urine Odors With Green Cleaning

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Rosecrest Community is an assisted living center located in Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada. It specializes in caring for older people with memory loss issues including Alzheimer’s.

The center was having serious problems with odors — specifically, urine odors.

“Odor problems including urine odors are not uncommon in assisted living centers,” says Mark Candow, Eastern Canada Sales Manager for Enviro-Solutions, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

According to Candow, the center had tried a number of cleaning products to eliminate the odors, but to little avail. Finally, one product eliminated the odors and left a pleasant fragrance as well.

That product: ES 120 from Enviro-Solutions.

ES 120 is a “spray-and-let-dry” bio-active, green-certified odor eliminator that consumes odor-causing bacteria, replacing them with healthy microorganisms that eat soils and odors for up to 80 hours.

“ES 120 did the trick,” says Candow. “And we were all surprised how quickly the odors were gone.”