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Comprehensive Floor Care Program That Goes Beyond Green Products

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A clean floor can easily be the difference between a good and bad first impression. Whether one is entering a hospital emergency room, a restaurant, or even their child's own school, the level of care and maintenance is readily apparent. But what is harder to see and measure is the environmental and health impact of the agents used to clean that floor. These days, people are asking questions and expecting more. They want to know if these products are sustainable. And if they aren't — why not?
Taking on a large-scale sustainable floor-cleaning program is not a quick-and-dirty process. It is arguably an initiative that requires some level of change management and financial investment. But the long-term rewards far outweigh the challenge at the outset. Cost-savings, greater customer and employee satisfaction, and cleaner air in the workplace are just a few of the many benefits.

Avmor has responded to this increasingly more educated and informed customer base with a plethora of products that produce a double-win. As always, Avmor products produce an enviable finish that puts a satisfied glint in the eye of even the most discerning observer. But customers also achieve peace of mind, knowing that these products are comprised of ingredients that are sensitive to both the environment and human health -- and are considerably less toxic than the alternatives.
How do people know the products are sustainable?
Assurance of sustainability comes in the form of 3rd party certification. Look for the trustworthy mark of EcoLogo. Facilities that use floor care products with these seals can be assured that the products have been rigorously evaluated and can stand up to their manufacturer's environmental claims.
Going beyond green products
Greener cleaning products are only a part of a holistic floor cleaning program that includes floor strippers, floor finish, floor sealers.  Avmor offers up a full array of these greener products, certified by EcoLogo.
According to Paul Goldin, Chief Sustainability Officer at Avmor, sustainable floor care is by no means limited to the use of green products alone.

"Green products like those we offer at Avmor are just the beginning. They are one part of a thoughtful, comprehensive floor-cleaning program where best practices are just as important as the best products," says Goldin. "We encourage those on the path to greater sustainability to adopt techniques and equipment like automatic floor scrubbers (use significantly less water than traditional machines), microfiber flat mops (greater efficiency than standard string or sponge mops) and effective floor matting at entrances (can prevent a whopping 90 percent of dirt from entering a building). When techniques like these are used in tandem with green products, the results are invariably positive.”
A greener cleaning program takes into account the specific needs related to the type of floor, the foot traffic, the need to move furniture, the wear over time etc.  A customized program will determine what kind of maintenance — from high traffic to light traffic – is most suited.  

Determine needs for daily maintenance keep the floors clean; preventative maintenance which can be performed weekly or as needed, and restorative care where floors are stripped, resealed and refinished.