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Cleaning System Has ATP Reduction Exceed 99 Percent

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The TURI Surface Solutions Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts, in Lowell, has reported the results from a series of tests that compared the cleaning effectiveness of Kaivac’s new AutoVac Cleaning System with more conventional floor cleaning methods, such as using a microfiber mop and an autoscrubber.
The AutoVac, which is part of Kaivac’s OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning System, was recently certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). It is also entered in the “equipment” category of this year’s ISSA Innovation Awards Program.
To perform the tests, TURI researchers first cleaned and then sterilized an eight-by-four-foot area of a finished vinyl composite tile (VCT) floor. Next, they used an ATP meter to verify that the floor was hygienically clean.
Then, the following test steps were taken:
· Researchers applied freshly squeezed seedless grape juice diluted with water to the floor and allowed it to dry before conducting baseline ATP readings.

· They cleaned one area of the floor with a microfiber mop and Kaivac’s KaiO multipurpose floor cleaning solution, diluted per manufacturer’s instructions.

· They cleaned another section of the floor using the same cleaning solution using an automatic scrubber.

· Finally, using the same cleaning solution, they made three passes with an OmniFlex AutoVac to clean a third section of the floor.

In each case, once the floor was dry, researchers collected ATP readings.
The results indicated that all three cleaning methods lowered ATP levels. However, the report indicated that the average reduction in ATP using the OmniFlex system matched—or exceeded—the effectiveness of an automatic scrubber.
Actual reduction in ATP with the AutoVac Cleaning System was almost 100 percent.  
“Our own testing indicated the [cleaning] effectiveness of the system would be very high,” says John Richter, Technical Director for Kaivac. “However, these results were very impressive, even exceeding what we anticipated.”