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Hospital Goes No-Touch

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University of Southern California Medical Center in East Los Angeles is one of the nation's busiest public hospitals treating more than 800,000 patients annually.
With this many people, “concerns about the spread of infection are multiplied thousands fold," says Bill Walton, the center's Director of Environmental Services.
To help prevent the spread of infection, Walton wanted an effective way to clean the hospital's restrooms. He says traditional methods—rags, sprayers, mops, and buckets—are slow; worse, they can spread germs and bacteria rather than eliminating them.

Looking for an alternative, Walton decided to try the No-Touch Cleaning System developed by Kaivac, Inc., of Hamilton, Ohio.
"Because it's a no-touch system, our people don't have to hand-scrub toilets, wash down walls, or mop floors," says Walton. “It’s much healthier for our staff and our patients [and] far more effective than the old conventional cleaning methods.”