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Monroe County Reduces Solid Waste With Green Products

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Monroe County was using a variety of conventional cleaning products throughout their facilities, presenting safety risks to employees and visitors. They needed an effec­tive housekeeping program to meet New York State mandates, improve indoor air quality, and control chemical costs and disposal.

Monroe County partnered with Rochester Midland Corporation to use low VOC cleaning products throughout its County owned facilities.  Enviro Care products utilized include: Glass Cleaner, Washroom Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner, and Neutral Disinfectant. The SNAP! Proportioning system saves space, provides accurate dilutions, and eliminates guesswork.

Monroe County saved approximately $25,000 during the first year of this partnership by switching from conventional cleaners to Enviro Care. SNAP! Superconcentrates also enabled the County to reduce bottles from their waste stream from 13,000 to 630, or nearly 2/3 ton annually.

The program resulted in cost savings, less waste, and safer products for custodial staff use and building occupants.