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Chemicals: Give Customers Some Wow

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The staff at Auto Craftsmen Ltd., a complete service and detail center located in Montpellier, Vermont, is jumping for joy.
According to Amy Mattinat, founder of the company, “We’ve finally found a quality, non-toxic, commercial grade cleaner that has passed our stringent seal of approval.”
That product is the Green certified ES71 Super H2o2 Cleaner/Degreaser from Enviro-Solutions, which has been manufacturing Green cleaning products for more than 15 years.
ES71 is a multipurpose cleaner, degreaser, and odor eliminator. Its cleaning power comes from citrus oil, which breaks down soils, and hydrogen peroxide, which oxidizes soils and stains for quick removal.
“This product really does a good job, and for the chemically sensitive, does not leave behind that soapy, chemical smell that most cleaning products do,” says Mattinat. “[And] it does a darn good job; in fact, we use it to ‘wow’ our customers.”