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Carpet Care: System Saves School District Money

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As you probably know, the state of California is having some serious financial problems.  We’ve had to cut back on staff and equipment and do more with less.
One tool that has helped us is the Titan 875 extractor/floor cleaner from HydraMaster. The 875 has replaced our other portables and truckmount extractors.
We use the 875 to clean hard surface floors, carpets, and upholstery. One reason this machine is so effective is the heat.
The 875 heats water/cleaning solution up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat improves the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals so sometimes we use less chemical making the machine more environmentally responsible as well.
At first my guys were reluctant to use the 875. They were used to the old machines. But now, because it is so easy to use and does such a great job, they use it whenever and wherever they can.

Jose Garcia, Custodial Manager, Palm Springs, CA School District.