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Soap: I Can See Clearly Now

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It’s amazing how a product made to serve one purpose can turn out to serve many. That’s the case with ES 49, a Green-certified, rich and creamy foaming hand soap.
According to Josephine La Salle of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, her scores of volunteers have told her that ES 49 “is absolutely the best eyeglass cleaner they have every used.”
Not only that, some use it to clean jewelry as well, and news has gotten around.
“Their positive comments have spread to local jewelry stores via our volunteers.”
For cleaning hands, ES 49 contains conditioners that help prevent skin dryness.
It is highly concentrated, making it very economical. One gallon provides more than 5,400 applications.
But the bottom line: ES 49 works – whether to clean hands, eyeglasses, jewelry, even for bathing.
Adds LaSalle: “Thank you for such a wonderful product.”