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Carpet Care: Carpet Cleaning Where Truckmounts Do Not Go

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Marco Buelna runs a residential carpet cleaning business in San Diego and primarily uses a truckmount extractor.
However, he has a growing clientele in multifloor office buildings—places a truckmount cannot go.
For these customers, Marco needed a portable extractor that is versatile, powerful, and as effective as a truckmount. The machine he selected: the King Cobra 1200 PRO from U.S. Products.
The 1200 PRO is a dual-surface machine, meaning it can clean hard-surface as well as carpeted floors. It has a patented hose management system on top and instant 212-degree F heat at the wand tip for heated carpet extraction..
“One of the things I really like about this machine is that it has variable pressure,” says Marco. “It has 1200 psi for hard-surface floors or [variable] 150 to 500 psi for carpets and upholstery.”
His overall impression of the machine: “It’s versatile, powerful, and gets the job done. The King Cobra 1200 PRO is a good machine.”