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Nexstep Commercial Products, Exclusive Licensee of O-Cedar

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1450 W. Ottawa Road
Paxton, IL 60957-0071
Phone: 800-252-7666
Fax: 217-379-9901
Website: www.ocedarcommercial.com

Nexstep Commercial Products, Exclusive Licensee of O-Cedar Product Posts:
24-inch MaxiDust Dust Mop Kit - Loop End
28 Quart Blue Waste Basket
50-inch MaxiPlus All-in-One Cleaning System
60-inch Threaded Aluminum Extension Handle
Bi-Level Grout & Corner Brush
Blue MaxiSweep Angle Broom With Fiberglass Handle
Bulk Blue MaxiPlus Multi-Purpose Cloth
Disposable Dust Mop and Pad
Flashing Floor Safety Sign
Hand-Held Grout Brush
Janitor Cart
MaxiClean Eraser Scrubber
MaxiClean Eraser Sponge
MaxiClean Eraser Utility Pad
MaxiClean Shrinkless Launderable Loop-End Mops
MaxiFlip Microfiber Wash Mitts
MaxiPlus Deluxe Janitor Cart
MaxiPlus Lobby Dust Pan with Rear Wheels
MaxiPlus Microfiber Bar Towel
MaxiPlus Microfiber Dust Mopping Pad
MaxiPlus Microfiber Duster with Extension Handle
MaxiPlus Microfiber Pocket Mop
MaxiPlus Microfiber Scrub Pads
MaxiPlus Static Sweeper & Microfiber Refill
MaxiPlus™ All-In-One Microfiber Cleaning System
MaxiPlus™ Microfiber Launderable Dust Mops
MaxiPlus™ Nab
MaxiRough Cut-End Mops
MaxiRough Extra Wide Dust Pan
MaxiRough Institutional Mop Bucket And Wringer
MaxiRough Janitor Cart
MaxiRough Mop Bucket and Wringer - Downpress
MaxiRough Platform Truck
MaxiRough Universal Dolly for Trash Containers
MaxiRough Urinal Floor Mat
MaxiRough X-Frame Cart
MaxiSurface Steel Roller Mop and Refill
MaxiSweep Angle Brooms
MaxiSweep Lobby Dust Pan
MaxiTwist Microfiber Dust Mop
MaxiVac Floor Sweeper
Neptune Rayon Cut-End Mops
Plastic Whisk Broom
Quick Change Frame
Quick Change Mopstick with BamWood Handle
Quick Change Mopstick with Green Firm-Grip Metal Handle
Quick-Way Mop Kit
Sanitary Napkin Receptacle
The 12-inch Plastic Window Squeegee
The 18-inch MaxiPlus Microfiber Floor Finishing Pad
The 23 Gallon Blue MaxiRough Slim Container and Slotted Lid
The 360-degree Duster Products

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