Steve Shuchat
Steve Shuchat

Steve Shuchat, CBSE, is an expert when it comes to bidding and estimating. That’s why the president of Clean All Services — along with Curtis McLemore, CEO of McLemore Building Maintenance — are guiding people in the art of pricing services in today’s competitive market. The two will be hosting the Bidding and Estimating Seminar at the 2019 BSCAI Contracting Success Conference on Nov. 20. This seminar will help novice BSCs get a step-by-step approach for cost estimates, outlining standard overhead costs and more.

BSCAI: What are the major challenges of bidding and estimating? How can building service contractors overcome them?

Steve Shuchat: In many situations when calculating a bid, it can be easy to overlook or exclude important information. An example of this can be payment terms being longer than normal, which can cause cash flow issues for the cleaning company.

The best way to overcome major challenges when preparing a bid is to have a step-by-step system and follow it. You also need to know what information should be gathered from a walk-through or request for proposal, and what questions need to be asked if that information is not presented to you.

The bidding processing can also allow a business to differentiate itself from its competitors. Through your bid, you can show how your company will provide efficient, high-quality processes that will result in high value rather than just low price.

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