Bag of money

BSCAI’s Purchase Advantage Program brings you name brand products at significantly discounted rates while giving you a new way to deliver quality, reliability and speed of service to your clients. The average BSCAI member saves 48 percent on business expenses through Purchase Advantage Program. You could be saving, too! Join the average BSCAI member who saves:

  • 45 percent on chemicals
  • 48 percent on paper
  • 50 percent on liners
  • 65 percent on office supplies

Brought to you by BSCAI in partnership with the National Service Alliance, the Purchase Advantage Program is a groundbreaking solution that gives you new choices and puts you back in control of your business, your service level and your bottom line. This program gives you the purchasing power of a superstore — delivering the tools for you to acquire name brand products at much lower prices.

Nationwide availability of core products at a fixed price helps you manage and control costs, deliver consistent cleaning results and attract and retain profitable clients. Customizable data management tools enable you to implement product standards, either company-wide or by individual location. Plus, the Purchase Advantage Program allows you to:

  • Manage authorized purchasers and delivery locations.
  • Define not-to-exceed budgets and establish approval channels. 
  • Generate reports to help track, budget and manage your account.
  • Create or modify shopping lists unique to each location’s specification. 

Join BSCAI and take advantage of the Purchase Advantage Program, and you will save more than the cost of your annual dues. BSCAI members are already enrolled as part of your membership, so activate your Purchase Advantage Program membership today!

Now you can focus on what really matters — your customers, your employees and your business. Find out how much you can save today and visit to learn more.