How To Make An Increasingly Multi-Generational Workplace Succeed

As a new generation begins to enter the workforce, it’s expected that by 2020, companies could have up to five generations working side by side. This seems like a daunting cultural challenge if not approached with the right mindset. However, according to a leadership guide from the Wall Street Journal, “The key is to be able to effectively address and take advantage of the differences in values and expectations of each generation.”
Don’t Sweat The Differences
While it’s important to understand what drives each generation, it’s equally important to not dwell on differences. Make sure your team moves forward as a collaborative unit, and focus on the strengths of each individual. Here are a few tips to help a multi-generational workplace succeed:

• Conduct regular surveys to keep a pulse on employee demographics and needs.

• Establish a mentoring system to help younger employees learn from seasoned employees.

• Encourage younger tech-savvy employees to lead “share-out” sessions that focus on new technology that may help your business.

• Get out! Hold team-building events outside the office to help team members get to know each other better.