It seems that some key internal communications, systematized, can significantly improve revenue at most companies. These communications lag because people are busy. They get to work, the phone starts to ring, and keeps ringing, until it’s 4:30 p.m. and time to go home.

What to do? Implement fast, simple internal communications practices:

• Conduct customer huddles. Once a week, with all customer-facing staff. If they’re remote, they can join via web meeting. Thirty minutes maximum. Every person brings a customer to the table who can buy more, or is buying from another provider, services that you can help them with. Do these meetings weekly, and think of them as focused conversations for internal referrals.

• Create a categorized list of ‘did you know’ questions. If a customer buys this from us, here are four or five additional services that you can and should offer them. Tape these lists to the bottom of monitors. Ask people to communicate one such product or service on every phone call.

• Email your customer-facing staff one or two services weekly. That’s right, just remind them what else they can offer. Here’s the key: your staff does not need to be experts in the additional services they offer to customers. They simply need to offer the services, and if there’s interest, they can connect them to the appropriate experts.

• Remind your people how good they are. Systematically communicate what else they can offer your customers. Help them sell more by communicating with them more.

To implement this kind of systematic revenue growth communications, call Alex Goldfayn directly at 847-459-6322 or email him at Alex is the CEO of the Revenue Growth Consultancy, and the author “The Revenue Growth Habit: The Simple Art of Growing Your Business by 15% In 15 Minutes Per Day.”

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