BSCAI Debuts Online Content Resource For Contract Cleaning Industry

As content-consumption habits continue to transform, Contractor Connections provides a multi-faceted communications platform for delivering information across multiple formats — all packaged in a manner that fits the day-to-day demands of building service contractors.

Content on Contractor Connections is segmented into four categories, defined as follows:

BSCAI News: Feature articles on the latest trends, news analysis told through the lens of experts in this industry and Q&As with BSCAI members.

Business Insights: Keep up to date on the latest industry trends through quarterly M&A reports by Pursant, links to articles and special reports from industry publications like Contracting Profits and ongoing SmartBriefs updates, among others.

Government Affairs: Ongoing updates on the latest regulations and other government affairs issues that are impacting building service contractors, authored by BSCAI experts on government affairs.

Industry Tips: Useful insights on such business-critical topics as marketing, HR, technology and more. Experts in the industry provide snippets of advice that you can apply to your business immediately. 

Contractor Connections is designed to be the content source for growing your business. Think of it as your destination for market education, community engagement and professional growth.

Interested in contributing or have a good story to tell for Contractor Connections? If you have news relevant to the audience or would like to lend your insights to a feature article or Q&A, please contact Mike Carrozzo at Learn more at