Why BSCs Should Attend The WFBSC World Congress In Berlin

The World Federation of Buildings Service Contractors (WFBSC) Congress takes place from Sept. 18 to 20 in Berlin, Germany. The international event will attract building service contractors from around the world. 

Yasser Youssef, president of The Budd Group in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has attended past Congresses and explains why American BSCs should consider attending the event. 

In what ways would an American BSC benefit from going to the WFBSC Congress in Berlin?
Youssef: There are always many benefits to see how our business is conducted in other parts of the world. One is able to see how others execute the BSC business in their country with their own set of environmental guidelines, government policies, and client requirements. We learn what tools they use and we experience how they deal with challenges in their part of the world, often times similar to our challenges in the United States. We also at times discover the techniques they use in their marketplace and how they learn. You’re able to bring that back and apply it in your own business here in the United States.

How does this event differ than some other industry shows?
Youssef: As with many other international events, the WFBSC Congress will attract attendees from all over the world. As it is in Germany this year, there will be a more European flavor, especially around how a BSC does business and is managed in Europe. Great vendors from the United States are still involved, and we’ll be able to explore technology that may not be in the United States yet. Because of its international reach, we may see technologies that are a year or two ahead of what we experience in the United States.  
What other sort of networking opportunities exist at the Congress for BSCs?
Youssef: Many networking opportunities will be available to attendees. There are events around training classes and seminars. There will be both informal and formal networking events around global industry topics. The expectations for attendees should not be any different than other events. This is always a good platform for strategic and leadership dialogues.

What do you expect BSCs to learn from the speakers?
Youssef: When you have the privilege of listening to speakers outside of your normal circle, you gain perspective. Attendees can expect to expand their perspective not just on the global economy but on our industry from a global viewpoint.