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Editorial Blogging: Take One

posted on 6/20/2011

By Lisa Ridgely, Deputy Editor of Contracting Profits

Many of you recognize my name, having seen it in the byline of articles over the past five years. Some of you know me by voice, after having kindly answered my phone calls and returned my voice mails seeking sources to interview and brainstorm with. Some of you may recognize my photo, from the myCleanLink blogs I have occasionally posted and the webcasts I’ve moderated. Even fewer know my face (admittedly, I complicate that by changing haircuts and switching off between glasses and contact lenses), which you may have seen at the annual industry trade shows or in our latest foray into modern digital media, this video interview.

But unlike my editor, Dan Weltin, I haven’t ever shared the more personal, more opinionated, and less structured form of writing known as an editorial. Until now.

My colleague, Sanitary Maintenance Deputy Editor Nick Bragg, and I will be posting editorial blogs on the new, improved CleanLink site, unveiled June 20, 2011. There’s plenty of room on the website for content that might not have room to make it into the print magazine — which I hope you read cover-to-cover each month, before you check out online exclusive content on CleanLink — and I would love for you to be a regular blog visitor. We want these blog postings to provoke thought, facilitate discussion and maybe even help you get to know us a little better.

Thank you for reading Contracting Profits and visiting CleanLink!