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ISSA Thursday Keynote: Dennis Miller, Comedian

Photo courtesy of ISSA

Dennis Miller

Thursday, Oct. 27
8 a.m.

Famous comedian, commentator and author Dennis Miller will entertain ISSA/INTERCLEAN attendees with his sharp wit and unique perspective on politics, celebrity and society during a keynote speech (maybe it should be called a keynote rant) on Thursday, Oct. 27. During his three decades on stage, on camera and behind the microphone, Miller has earned five Emmy Awards and three Writers Guild of America Awards and numerous accolades from fans.

“Now, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the idiosyncratic, award-winning Dennis Miller and experience for yourself what critics call ‘topical, scathing brilliance,’” says Lisa Richter, director of marketing at ISSA.

Miller was born in Pittsburgh in 1953, getting his start in comedy after he graduated from Point Park College, a small school in the rust-belt city. He then worked on “PM Magazine,” a local television show before heading for Los Angeles, which is where he was doing his standup act when he was discovered by Lorne Michaels, producer of "Saturday Night Live," in 1984. Miller got his start on the national stage in 1985 as the news anchor on "Weekend Update," the humorous news program skit aired weekly on the NBC Saturday night variety show. For six seasons Miller crushed it with his critical swipes at the famous, notable and notorious.

In 1992, Miller turned his talent toward launching his own late night talk show, "The Dennis Miller Show," but it was cancelled after only seven months. Two years later, Miller launched "Dennis Miller Live" on HBO, a show that featured his famous rants and in-depth interviews of celebrities and politicians. The show earned five Emmy Awards. Miller then provided color commentary for "Monday Night Football," where he added a refreshing spin on the National Football League for two seasons, beginning in 2000.

Outside of TV, Miller has found success on the radio where he hosted "The Dennis Miller Show," a daily talk show that began in 2007 and ended in 2015. According to Talkers Magazine, a radio industry publication, Miller's radio show had about 2.3 million listeners a week.

Over the years, he has has also penned several books that have made him a regular on the “New York Times” best sellers list. The books include “The Rants,” “Ranting Again,” “I Rant, Therefore I Am” and “The Rant Zone.”

Currently, Miller is a regular contributor for the “O’Reilly Factor” on the FOX News Channel with his weekly segment called Miller Time.

posted on 8/3/2016