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Cleanlink News | 1/8/2013

Enviro-Solutions Contracts Wildenberg For Company Assessment


Enviro-Solutions announces they have contracted Mike Wildenberg to conduct an in-depth assessment of the company, as well as other companies owned by their parent corporation, Charlotte Products.

According to Anthony Ambler, President of Charlotte Products, Wildenberg will focus on developing a comprehensive and integrated business plan to bolster sales and build marketing strategies to benefit all brands manufactured by Charlotte.

In addition, Wildenberg will be directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of Enviro-Solutions, as well as all Charlotte Products’ sales, marketing, pricing, customer service, and administrative functions as of January 1, 2013.

Wildenberg has a long history in the professional cleaning industry, having served in a variety of roles for Baywest/Wausau Paper. In his last position with Baywest/Wausau, he served as Senior Vice President of Tissue Strategy.

“Mike brings to Charlotte and Enviro-Solutions an extensive knowledge of our industry,” says Ambler. “He has an exemplary track record of stellar growth in sales and exemplary customer service. He is a very welcome member to our team.”

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