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- cp - March 2012
Supervisors: The First Line Of Defense Against Unions
Supervisors represent the face of the company to the front-line workforce. What they say and do will impact employees’ willingness to join a union.

- cp - February 2012
Waging A Perpetual Campaign Against Organized Labor
The NLRB is making it easier for unions to recruit new members. How employers can fight back

COVER STORY - cp - April 2010
Unionize, Or Else
Examining EFCA and SEIU's Ties To Washington

NEWSBRIEFS - cp - March 2008
Janitors Campaign For Better Wages, Improved Health Insurance

- news - 8/27/2007
Boston Janitors Strike

- news - 7/11/2007
Northern Virginia Janitors Strike

NEWSBRIEFS - cp - July 2006
Mergers, Unions: Cleaning Industry Sees Major Acquisitions, Union Activity