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FILLING THE VOID - cp - April 2014
Team Clean Inc. Creates The Ho’okipa Workforce Academy To Recruit Future Janitors

FILLING THE VOID - cp - April 2014
Teaching Janitorial Skills To High School Students

- cp - April 2014
Future Of The Ho’okipa Workforce Academy

- cp - November 2012
Department Of Energy Project Takes Sustainability To A New Level
Team Clean Inc.'s headquarters is part of a unique project, the EEB Hub

- cp - November 2012
Bicycle Laundry Service Fits With Team Clean's Green Mission
Philadelphia's Wash Cycle Laundry delivers on its green promise

- cp - November 2012
BSC Showcases Green Cleaning Program At New Philadelphia Art Museum
Team Clean Inc., led by Donna Allie, cleans the LEED-Platinum certified Barnes Foundation museum in Philadelphia

- cp - March 2012
Hawaii's Team Clean Inc. Stays True To Island Values
Raising the standards of cleaning as a profession, one employee at a time