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- news - 2/28/2012
CDC: New Swine Flu Strain Has 'Pandemic Potential'

- news - 1/5/2012
CDC Warns Public About H3N2

- news - 12/1/2011
CDC Confirms New Swine Flu Virus

UP CLOSE: RESTROOM CARE - sm - January 2010
H1N1 Impacts Touch-free Product Sales
More facilities are making the switch to touch-free restroom products in light of the current H1N1 pandemic

UP CLOSE: INFECTION CONTROL - sm - November 2009
Combatting H1N1 In Office Buildings
Proper disinfection methods and hand washing are critical to reducing influenza outbreaks

ONLINE REPORT - hs - November 2009
Promoting Hand Washing
Proper hygiene is the number one defense against viruses

ONLINE REPORT - hs - November 2009
Targeting H1N1
Disinfectants Aid In Pandemic Preparedness

COVER STORY - cp - September 2009
Pandemics: Ready...Or Not
A likely H1N1 outbreak this flu season has BSCs revisiting pandemic game plans

- news - 9/4/2009
Survey: Are Facilties Prepared for Swine Flu?

AROUND THE INDUSTRY - sm - September 2009
H1N1 Could Infect 50 Percent Of The Population

- news - 8/28/2009
Survey: Flu Threat Doesn't Change Hygiene Habits

- news - 8/26/2009
Report: H1N1 Could Infect 30-50 Percent Population

- news - 8/21/2009
Survey: Evaluate Facility Pandemic Prep

FROM THE EDITOR - sm - July 2009
Overseas Innovation

AROUND THE INDUSTRY - sm - July 2009
Swine Flu (H1N1) Declared a Pandemic

- news - 6/24/2009
New Front In Fight Against H1N1

- news - 6/12/2009
Swine Flu (H1N1) Declared Pandemic

NEWS TICKER - cp - May 2009
H1N1 Outbreak Spotlights Importance Of Cleaning

- news - 5/19/2009
Swine Flu Continues Spread

- news - 5/11/2009
U.S. Tops Swine Flu Count; Third Virus-Related Death Confirmed

ONLINE REPORT - cp - April 2009
H1N1 Fact Sheet For Cleaning Professionals
What industry professionals need to know about swine flu

FROM THE EDITOR - sm - May 2009
An Opportunity To Be The Expert

IN THE NEWS - sm - May 2009
Swine Flu Outbreak Spotlights Importance Of Cleaning

ONLINE REPORT - cp - April 2009
Swine Flu Preparedness
Cleaning procedures are important in reducing the spread of H1N1

ONLINE REPORT - sm - April 2009
Swine Flu (H1N1): The Distributor’s Role
Educating end users about pandemic preparedness