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LABOR AND THE LAW - cp - June 2014
How The Americans With Disabilities Act Affects Contract Cleaners

- cp - February 2014
Does A Snow Day Mean No Pay?

- cp - February 2014
Avoiding the Affordable Care Act Is Risky Business

- cp - November 2013
Independent Contractor Definition For Cleaning Companies

ONE MAN VS. THE UNION - cp - August 2013
EMS Endures 'Death By A Thousand Cuts,' Other Union Tactics

LABOR AND THE LAW - cp - August 2013
What Not To Ask During A Job Interview

LABOR AND THE LAW - cp - August 2013
Off-limit Pre-Employment Inquiries

THE SOCIAL NETWORK - cp - April 2013
Hire Cleaning Professionals Faster with Social Recruiting

- cp - February 2013
Alternatives to Lawsuits: Mediation and Arbitration
Understand to the difference between mediation and arbitration and avoid the cost of defending a lawsuit

- cp - February 2013
Immigration Reform 2013 Update
Four possibilities for immigration reform. Each would impact the commercial cleaning industry

- cp - November 2012
BSCs Benefit From Right-to-Work Legislation
Understanding key concepts of right-to-work laws and how they can help building service contractors fight unions

- cp - November 2012
NLRB Decisions Impact Non-Union Companies
Changes affect union postings, social media, firing employees, investigations and elections

- cp - March 2012
Supervisors: The First Line Of Defense Against Unions
Supervisors represent the face of the company to the front-line workforce. What they say and do will impact employees’ willingness to join a union.

- cp - February 2012
Waging A Perpetual Campaign Against Organized Labor
The NLRB is making it easier for unions to recruit new members. How employers can fight back

- cp - November 2011
The Ghost Of The Employee Free Choice Act
The Labor movement may gain momentum thanks to the National Labor Relations Board