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UPCLOSE: ICE MELT - sm - August 2013
Low Consumer Demand For Green Ice Melt Products

- news - 2/27/2013
Clarification on LEED-EBOM Version 4 and Entry Matting

- sm - March 2012
Tips For Promoting LEED Approved Products
Jan/san distributors should list LEED products in a special area of their website

- news - 12/9/2011
Square Footage of LEED-Certified Existing Buildings Surpasses New Construction

- news - 6/28/2011
USGBC Launches LEED Volume Program for Operations & Maintenance

EDITORIAL - cp - May 2011
Green Cleaning Programs Tailored For Healthcare Facilities

NEWSTICKER - cp - February 2010
Green Cleaning Legislation Proposed In Wisconsin

ASHKINONGREEN - cp - January 2009
Defining Green Floor-care Equipment

ASHKINONGREEN - cp - October 2008
APPA Custodial Effectiveness Audit Included In LEED
The value for contractors is that LEED-EBOM provides two potential points based on performance

NEWSWORTHY - sm - February 2008
USGBC Makes Changes To LEED-EB

NEWSBRIEFS - cp - February 2008
USGBC's LEED-EB Undergoes Changes

ASHKINONGREEN - cp - October 2007
Green Cleaning In Commercial Facilities
Don’t just switch to a green product or two — make sure your cleaning procedures protect occupant health

- news - 8/8/2007
LEED-EB Revision Open for Public Comments

GREEN CLEANING - cp - July 2007
LEED Continues To Open Doors For BSCs
Keeping current with new LEED certifications can prove advantageous