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LEFT OUT IN THE COLD - sm - August 2013
Standards For Green Ice Melt Are Lacking

MANUFACTURER FORUM - cp - April 2011
Green Vs. Green-Certified Chemicals

- news - 12/15/2010
Study Finds Americans Overwhelmed By Green Product Certifications

UP CLOSE: ICE MELT - sm - July 2009
Ice Melt: Remember ‘Mother Earth’ When Fighting ‘Mother Nature’
Environmentally friendly ice melt is available, but distributors need to avoid greenwashing

ASHKINONGREEN - cp - September 2008
Avoiding Greenwashing
Being branded a ‘greenwasher’ not only affects credibility, but it could lead to legal action

UP CLOSE - sm - June 2008
Green: Greenwashing A Growing Problem For End Users
Help customers make sense of the crowded green-cleaning market

ASHKINONGREEN - cp - June 2008
Green Terminology: Educate Yourself
Organizations can't solely focus on profits, but must also consider impacts on people and the planet

- news - 11/27/2007
Study Finds Misleading Green Claims