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FLOOR CARE FOR ALL SEASONS - hs - September 2016
Mats Protect Floors Throughout The Year
Changing weather means continuous challenges. Programs that protect floors year-round

FLOOR CARE FOR ALL SEASONS - hs - September 2016
Protecting Floors From Snow, Ice And Sand

FLOOR CARE FOR ALL SEASONS - hs - September 2016
Cleaning Procedures That Protecting Floors

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Techniques To Protect Floor Finish

TIME IS MONEY - hs - October 2015
How To Extend Floor Stripping Programs

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The Birthplace Of College Basketball And The Founders Of Gym Floor Finish

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Step-By-Step Tips To Apply Floor Finish

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Powr-Flite Offers Tips on Floor Finish

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Steps to Safely Remove Ice Melt Haze from Hard-Surface Floors

- hs - November 2012
Floor Finishes That Help Reduce The Need To Strip
Using new technologies in floor finishes helps reduce the need for stripping, saving valuable budget dollars

- hs - November 2012
Reduce Costs And Improve Perception With Quality Floor Finishes
New technologies in floor finish save budget dollars and preserve the look and life of flooring

UP CLOSE: FLOOR CARE - sm - February 2011
Floor Care After Winter
Winter wreaks havoc on floors. Simple maintenance and restoration at the onset of spring is critical in keeping floor care costs low

UP CLOSE: FLOOR CARE - sm - November 2009
Applying European Trends To Floor Care
Help customers maintain floors faster and cheaper with a non-wet look

ASHKIN ON GREEN - cp - May 2009
Go Green: Minimize Use Of Floor-Care Chemicals

The Basics Of Daily Floor Care