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- sm - November 2011
E-mail Marketing: Before Hitting Send
Important steps need to be taken by distributors prior to adding an e-mail component to their marketing efforts

- sm - November 2011
Courting A Customer's Inbox
E-mail marketing encourages online ordering and builds stronger customer relationships

COVER STORY - sm - June 2008
The New Face-to-Face
The traditional sales call is in decline. From e-mail to Web conferencing, distributors are exploring alternative ways to connect with customers

TECHTALK - cp - October 2007
E-Mail Marketing Effective With A Good Mailing List And Creative Messages

TECHTALK - cp - July 2007
Poor E-mail Etiquette Could Be Hurting Your Business

TECH CENTRAL - sm - April 2007
Legit E-mail Vs. Spam: Thinking Outside The (In)Box

TECH TALK - cp - March 2004
E-mail Liability: E-mails Don't Disappear With A Touch Of A Button