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- cp - June 2016
How To Earn GS-42 Certification

EARN AND LEARN - hs - April 2016
Identifying The Need For Improved Custodial Training

EARN AND LEARN - hs - April 2016
Groundwork To Launching A Custodial Training Program

EARN AND LEARN - hs - April 2016
Details Of A Custodial Apprenticeship Program

Prepare For The Next Round Of GHS Requirements

- cp - August 2014
Janitorial Certifications May Help With School Bidding

- cp - August 2014
Customers More Likely To Hire A BSC With A Cleaning Certification

- news - 8/26/2014
Green Building Tool Coordination and Development Gets Streamlined

Healthcare Markets Provide Opportunities for BSCs

Environmenal Services Departments Turn To Project Outsourcing

BSCs Fill In Medical Cleaning Staff Gaps

Documenting Hospital Cleaning and Hygiene Outcomes

Infection Control Training Is Key To Success

LEFT OUT IN THE COLD - hs - October 2013
Green Certified Ice Melt And It's Effectiveness

Creating Sustainable Cleaning Bids

How To Spot Green Floor Maintenance Equipment

UPCLOSE: ICE MELT - sm - August 2013
EPA Only Third-Party To Offer Green Ice Melt Certification

- news - 7/3/2013
USGBC’s LEED v4 Passes Ballot and Will Launch This Fall

- news - 6/10/2013
USGBC to Offer Free LEED Certification in Select Markets

- news - 5/22/2013
Betco Announces Transpare Certified Products

THE NEW BOOK ON GREEN - hs - April 2013
Green Guides Updated By FTC

THE NEW BOOK ON GREEN - hs - April 2013
Differentiating One Green Label From Another

THE NEW BOOK ON GREEN - hs - April 2013
Distributor Support Green Training

THE NEW BOOK ON GREEN - hs - April 2013
Get To Know The Green Guides

- news - 5/13/2013
NC House Bill Could End LEED Certifications for State Government Buildings

Certified Distributors Can Provide Walkway Audits

- news - 4/3/2013
EPA to Revise Design for Environment Program

- news - 3/5/2013
Novozymes Receives EcoLogo Certification

- news - 1/21/2013
Self Assessment Of Your Green Certification IQ

- news - 1/3/2013
IICRC to Be Featured on "Designing Spaces"

- news - 12/7/2012
University Cleaning Unit Earns Green Seal Certification

- hs - November 2012
Green Certification for Towel and Tissue: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Outlining the specifics of FSC, one of the green certifications found on towel and tissue products

- hs - November 2012
Green Certification for Towel and Tissue: EcoLogo
Outlining the specifics of EcoLogo, one of the green certifications found on towel and tissue products

- hs - November 2012
Green Certification for Towel and Tissue: Green Seal
Outlining the specifics of Green Seal, one of the green certifications found on towel and tissue products

- hs - November 2012
Green Certification for Towel and Tissue: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Outlining the specifics of EPA, one of the green certifications found on towel and tissue products

- hs - November 2012
Green Certification for Towel and Tissue: Green Restaurant Association (GRA)
Outlining the specifics of GRA, one of the green certifications found on towel and tissue products

- hs - November 2012
Green Certification for Towel and Tissue: Green-e
Outlining the specifics of Green-e, one of the green certifications found on towel and tissue products

- news - 11/30/2012
SCS Debuts New Corporate Name, Certification Brand and Website

- hs - November 2012
Green Certifications For Towel And Tissue
Breaking down the green certifications outlined on towel and tissue products

- news - 10/4/2012
Fifth Public Comment Period Now Open for USGBC's LEED v4

- news - 7/17/2012
Cleaning Industry Is Urged To Sign LEED Letter Of Support

- news - 5/24/2012
Green Clean Institute Earns Praise from Members

- news - 5/16/2012
First Master Registered Executive Housekeepers (Master REH) Named By IEHA

- news - 5/1/2012
LEED 2012 Opens 4th Round of Public Comments

- news - 3/19/2012
Last Chance To Comment On LEED 2012

- news - 2/15/2012
Public Comment Period for LEED Updates Scheduled

- news - 12/19/2011
Target Field Earns LEED Silver Certification

- cp - November 2011
Government Accounts Require Attention To Detail
Putting effort into securing these accounts pays off with steady revenue

- hs - November 2011
Dixon Boosts Clean with (OS1)
Certification audit showcases safety and green opportunities for one middle school

- news - 8/4/2011
EcoLogo Revises Hard Surface Cleaners Standard

- news - 7/27/2011
Green Seal Expands Certification for Most Cleaning Products

- sm - June 2011
Gaining Third-party Certification For Private Label Products
Third-party certifications are not carried over from their private label manufacturer

- news - 6/20/2011
LEED Pilot Credit Library Continues to Grow

- news - 6/9/2011
Distributor Survey Investigates Green Cleaning Issues

- news - 6/1/2011
ICM Certification Program to Launch in October

UP CLOSE: TOWEL & TISSUE - sm - April 2011
Paper Manufacturers Are On A Sustainable Roll
Paper manufacturers have taken towel and tissue products to a whole new level with sustainable forestry

MANUFACTURER FORUM - cp - April 2011
Green Vs. Green-Certified Chemicals

FEATURES - hs - February 2011
Outlining Green Certifications — Special Online Feature
Updating the latest green certifications and what they mean to HS readers

- news - 12/15/2010
Study Finds Americans Overwhelmed By Green Product Certifications

UP CLOSE: TOWEL & TISSUE - sm - August 2010
Know Your Green Paper Certifications
Green paper products come with a laundry list of certifications. Breaking down what each one means

ASHKINONGREEN - cp - June 2010
Selecting Green Products For Which There Are No Standards

FROM THE EDITOR - sm - March 2010
Putting Cleaning In The 'Spotlight'

COVER STORY - sm - March 2010
Cash In on the 'New Cleaning'
End user trends are changing, but distributors still have a critical role to play

- news - 2/4/2010
Understanding the USGBC Green Campus Campaign

COVER STORY - sm - November 2009
The Right 'Stuff'
Are jan/san distributors meeting end user needs? How you match up

GREEN NEWS - sm - November 2009
New Programs Help Differentiate Between Green Products

COVER STORY - cp - November 2009
Polling Green
Four out of five BSCs now use green cleaning products, according to a Contracting Profits survey

FEATURE - hs - August 2009
Carpet Care Certifications
CRI answers the demand for environmental standards in carpet care equipment

COVER STORY - hs - April 2009
Green Goes Platinum
How Chicago's FBI building became the first LEED-EB: O&M Platinum-certified facility

FEATURE - hs - August 2008
LEED Facilities: Going For The Gold, And Even Platinum
LEED takes 'going green' to a new level

- news - 8/1/2008
Houston’s Largest Hotel Goes Green

- news - 7/11/2008
Proposed LEED Changes Prioritize Energy Savings

- news - 6/9/2008
CRI Earns ANSI Certification For Its Green Carpet Testing

- news - 3/24/2008
ISSA Urges Industry to Assist in GS-37 Revisions

MARKET PULSE - sm - March 2008
Disinfectants: Finding A Green Alternative
Disinfection plays a significant role in most facilities' cleaning regimes. But because disinfectants can't be certified green, distributors are helping end users find healthy alternatives

- news - 2/7/2008
Sustainability Rating System Targets Higher Education

FEATURE - hs - February 2008
Green Labeling
Third-party organizations are expanding certification programs to help in-house cleaning managers achieve sustainable goals

- news - 1/16/2008
Green Seal Extends GS-37 Comment Period

- news - 10/15/2007
CIMS Certification Opens at ISSA/INTERCLEAN

- news - 9/27/2007
CRI’s Seal of Approval Goes Green

- news - 9/18/2007
Green Seal Answers Top 10 Questions About GS-42

- news - 7/24/2007
New Generation of Products Meet Strict Criteria for Children's Health and Safety

- news - 7/18/2007
Survey: Green Carpet Cleaning

- news - 6/27/2007
Energy Performance Requirements Within LEED Scheduled to Increase

- news - 6/25/2007
LEED Spreads To New Parts of Missouri

- news - 5/17/2007
Green Seal Clarifies Stakeholder Process for GS-37 Revision

- news - 5/2/2007
USGBC’s LEED Green Building Rating System Awards Credit for Product Certification

GREEN CLEANING - cp - May 2007
Examining Green Certification Updates
Lead third-party organizations are offering more ways than ever for BSCs to be environmentally friendly

FEATURE - hs - April 2007
The Green Continuum
As the momentum towards green cleaning grows, cleaning managers find alternative ways to implement environmentally friendly cleaning practices

NEWS - hs - April 2007
Industry Buzz

- news - 3/21/2007
Feedback Sought On Voluntary Cleaning Product Certification Program

- news - 3/1/2007
Green: Univeristy Cleaners Evaluate Cleaning Products

- news - 2/27/2007
Green: EcoLogo Simplifies Product Formulation for Manufacturers

- news - 2/20/2007
Green: Wisconsin Schools Target Energy

- news - 2/19/2007
ISSA Selects Cleaning Industry Management Standard Case Study Participants

- news - 2/14/2007
Green Cleaning: Drive Towards Green

NEWS - hs - February 2007
Industry Buzz

- news - 1/16/2007
USGBC Offers Free Registration and Certification

- news - 1/2/2007
Kentucky Strives to Improve Green Goals

- news - 12/20/2006
Green Seal Certification and FIFRA Registration

- news - 12/14/2006
Certification: ISSA Extends Early-Applicant CIMS Deadline

- news - 12/6/2006
Green Cleaning: Green Seal Certifies Cleaning Services

COVER STORY - sm - December 2006
Green Certification
Helping distributors see the forest for the trees

- news - 11/30/2006
USGBC Accredited as ANSI Standards Developer

- news - 11/28/2006
CRI Now Has Service Provider Agreement in Place

- news - 11/16/2006
IEHA Certification Program Parallels ISSA Standard

- news - 11/10/2006
Vacuum: CRI Meets With Wal-Mart Buyers

COVER STORY - hs - November 2006
A World Of Difference
Product innovation. Best practice. Professionalism. The “Euro-Edge” When It Comes to Cleaning

- news - 10/19/2006
Certification: Green Seal Outlines New Cleaning Standard

NEWSWORTHY - sm - October 2006
Plastic Liner Company Gets Green Recognition

NEWSWORTHY - sm - September 2006
Greenstar: A New Certification Player

NEWSBRIEFS - cp - September 2006
Greenstar Offers Alternative In Green Certifications

GREENGUIDE - cp - November 2005
Green Seal's Cleaning Service Standard: Making A Move Toward Certification
Taking a closer look at Green Seal's Cleaning Service Standard

NEWS BRIEFS - cp - August 2005
Green Certification: Green Seal Reports Cooperation; Develops Stakeholders Group

- cp - May 2005
Green Seal, OS(1) Certification: Guaranteed Green
A look at two new BSC certification programs - the impact on business and credibility

HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT - cp - February 2005
Green Cleaning Certification: Gone Green? Got Evidence?
Manufacturers are putting their money where their mouth is and proving their green-cleaning worth