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PEST PREVENTION TIPS - hs - November 2014
How Integrated Pest Management Prevents Infestations

PEST PREVENTION TIPS - hs - November 2014
Why Pest Management Matters

PEST PREVENTION TIPS - hs - November 2014
Pest-Proofing Tips From Professionals

- news - 1/16/2013
Bed Bugs: Most Infested Cities Named

- hs - August 2012
Treating Bed Bugs
Custodial departments can use equipment already in their arsenal when treating bed bugs

- sm - November 2011
Research Shows Bed Bugs Can Carry Staph

- sm - June 2011
Tools To Kill and Remove Bed Bugs
There are a variety of options available to property owners, facility crews and homeowners to effectively eradicate bed bugs

- sm - June 2011
Detecting A Bed Bug Problem
To effectively treat for bed bugs it is important to have at least a basic understanding of the biology and behavior of the pest

IN THE NEWS - sm - September 2010
Bed Bug Infestations On The Rise

EDITORIAL - cp - September 2010
Bed Bugs Are Back