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- news - May 2013
Seven Strategies Cleaners Can Use To Reduce Asthma Triggers

- news - February 2013
Three Tips To Improve Winter Indoor Air Quality

- news - February 2013
Six Tips for Improved IAQ and Green and Healthy Schools

- news - January 2013
Diagnosing School IAQ Issues

- news - January 2013
Custodians Credited With Getting School Back On Track After Sandy

- cp - November 2012
Sensitive Occupants: Best Cleaning Practices
Cleaning around sensitive occupants increasingly important

- news - November 2012
USGBC Announces Grant to Promote IEQ and Human Health

- news - November 2012
Improving IAQ In Schools Following Natural Disasters

- news - July 2012
Top Ten Ways To Protect Indoor Air Quality This Summer

- news - May 2012
Survey Looks at Indoor Air Quality and Carpeting

- cp - April 2012
Reduced Vacuuming Impacts IAQ
Cutting vacuuming frequencies will adversely affect the health of building occupants

- news - April 2012
Reduce Allergens and Improve IAQ With Cleaning

- news - February 2012
Highlighting the Health Benefits of Carpeting

- hs - September 2011
Arizona Custodians Strap On Their Backpacks
Mesa Public Schools support the use of backpack vacuums and tout their many benefits

FEATURES - hs - April 2011
Indoor Air Quality: Clearing The Air
The role the custodial operation plays in bettering indoor air quality

- news - March 2011
Asthma & Allergy Certification Program Introduced

VACUUMS - cp - August 2010
Vacuuming Hard Floors An Alternative To Sweeping, Mopping

FROM THE EDITOR - sm - August 2010
Put Cleaning At The Head Of The Class

FEATURES - hs - June 2010
IAQ: Cleaning Boosts Student Health And Productivity
Going green and taking steps to improve indoor air quality has proven to aid in education

TECHNOLOGY - cp - April 2010
Measure Cleaning Effectiveness With The Help Of Devices

FEATURES - hs - September 2009
IAQ: Sifting Through The Rubble
Proper Vacuum Filtration Is Key To Protecting IAQ

EDITORIAL - cp - January 2009
Be A Consultant To Customers In 2009

Green Cleaning Helps Improve IAQ

MARKET BY MARKET: HEALTH CARE - hs - September 2008
Cleaning With The Building Occupant In Mind
Health care facilities target their cleaning mission to focus on indoor air quality, odor control and combating resistant organisms

- news - August 2008
IAQ Guide Draft Available for Review

FEATURE - hs - August 2008
Vacuums: The Air We Breathe
The role vacuums play in regards to indoor air quality

- news - June 2008
EPA Offers IAQ Tools For Schools

- news - May 2008
IAQ: Carpet Impacts Allergy and Asthma Prevention

FEATURE - hs - February 2008
Growing Trends In Microfiber
Applications and markets for microfiber technology continue to grow

- news - January 2008
Report: Cleaning Chemicals Impact IAQ

Improving IAQ With Vacuum Filters

- news - September 2007
IAQ Concerns Close Houston School

Improving IAQ Takes Education And Investment
Think of a building as an ecosystem that is impacted by many different components

GREENGUIDE - cp - November 2006
Green-Dusting Methods Mean Better IAQ
Removing contaminants at entryways cuts subsequent dusting and vacuuming in half

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