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A Time to Network

ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America is truly a great place to see the latest products, educate yourself on current trends and discover where the cleaning industry is headed. But many attendees get too wrapped up in these events and forget that the show is also a perfect place to network.

While doing some networking of my own, I learned about the concept of peer groups. Budding entrepreneurs had met new colleagues while attending an industry trade show. None of the five business owners were local competitors, but all were facing similar challenges and problems. They decided to band together to bounce ideas off one another, benchmark best practices and share their successes and failures. Those relationships have lasted more than five years.

As you attend this year’s show, think about whether forming a peer group of your own is right for you. During this economic downturn, new forms of advice could be a welcome change and also a great help. When looking for members, don’t just turn to fellow distributors as your peers. Building service contractors and in-house service providers, too, can provide plenty of relevant information on business concerns and cleaning issues.

ISSA provides attendees with some great networking events during the show to help get you started. On Monday, September 8, there is the All-Industry Networking Lunch and later a Peer Exchange Networking Reception. Both events provide a casual atmosphere to interact with industry members. Then on Wednesday, September 10, the Show Floor Happy Hour brings high-flying entertainment to the networking possibilities. Finally, there are countless opportunities to socialize with others on the trade show floor itself.

Dan Weltin
Sanitary Maintenance