Green clean using the Multi-Task
patented dilution control system

Portable, Cordless Wet/Dry
ProTeam's ProGuard® LI 3 Cordless is
ready to respond for quick cleanup.

The Ultimate Time Machine
Sanitaire SC3700 is quiet.
Use 24/7 to save time/money.

Green Cleaning Saves $
3rd Party Certified Products
Staff training

OM1 Series Green Cleaners
Exceptional Performance, Safely
Responsible. Powered by OMNIA™.

It is estimated that 80 percent of the soil in carpets is dry soil; the rest is oil or sticky substances. Typically dry soil is much easier to remove from a carpet which means more environmentally friendly chemicals, or fewer chemicals, are necessary. Whenever we can use fewer chemicals it is helping to reduce cleanings impact on the environment.