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Floor Care Chemicals Podcasts

Twelve Tips To Selecting Floor Equipment

Air Fresheners Effect On Floor Finish

Floor Care Budget Vs. Expectations

Questions To Ask Before Cleaning Floors

Defining Hard Floor Types

Know The Flooring Type Before Janitors Start Cleaning

Repairing Worn And Damaged Ceramic Tiles

Identifying Different Floor Types

Difference Between Stripping And Scrubbing Floors

Trouble Shooting Floor Stripping

Steps To Stripping VCT Floors

Key Aspects Of Stripping Floors

Criteria For Selecting Chemicals

Controlling Mastic Seeping Through VCT

Maintaining Vinyl Asbestos Tile Floors

Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors

Cleaning Contracts Should Have Clear Specifications

Not All Floor Surfaces Should Have High Gloss

Response To Challenging Customers

Desired Results When Stripping Floors

The Price Of Poor Training And Supplies

Neutralizer And Neutral Cleaner Are Not The Same

Removing Multiple Layers Of Floor Finish

Choosing The Right Floor Finish

Challenges To ‘Waxing’ Floors

Floor Stripping Frequencies And What’s Needed

Differences In Waxes, Pads and Machine Speeds

Controlling Carpet Odors: Are Deodorizers Necessary

Cleaning Up Marble At Home

Floor Care Tips That Improve Appearances

Whether Chemical Proportioners Fit Your Program

ROI Of Chemical Dispensing Systems

Urethane Seals Versus Water Based Floor Finishes

Eight Ways To Improve Floor Finishing

Stripping Floors With Urethane Sealers

Problems When Restoring Wood Floors

Burn Spots on VCT

Waxing Ceramic Tile Floors

Diamond Pads Versus Floor Finish

Floor Maintenance In A Kennel

Disinfecting Hospital Floors

Cleaning Scuffs On Linoleum

Downfalls To Purchasing Based Only On Price

Buying Supplies from Multiple Sources

How Product Usage Impacts Labor

Expanding Janitorial Operations From Small Stores To Large Offices

Using The Wrong Cleaning Product Can Create Safety Hazards

ANSI Standards For Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

The Cost Of Slips, Trips and Falls

Common Causes Of Slips, Trips And Falls

Floor Care Follow Up

Removing Urethane Floor Finish

The Mats, Mops and Chemicals Needed To Clean Granite Floors

Cleaning Granite Floors In The Winter

Fixing An Improperly Maintained Floor

The Wrong Cleaning Chemicals To Use On A Floor

The Problem Of Using Too Much Floor Finish

Always Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

Choosing A Trainer To Teach Cleaning

Measuring A Cleaning Trainer's Efficacy

Restoring Flooring After Being Damaged

What California Product Rules Mean Moving Forward

Seven Product Categories Impacted By California Rule

Updates To Chemical Regulations In California

How To Create Shiny Floors

Rinse Floors With A Neutralizer Before Applying Finish

Using Distributors As Training Resource For Floor Maintenance

Tools And Supplies Needed For Stripping And Waxing

Clarification On Chemical Dwell Times

Clarification On Chemical Dwell Times

Safety Is A Priority When Cleaning Veterinary ClinicsDisinfectants Are Not Cleaners

Safety Is A Priority When Cleaning Veterinary ClinicsDisinfectants Are Not Cleaners

Safety Is A Priority When Cleaning Veterinary Clinics

Safety Is A Priority When Cleaning Veterinary Clinics

Cleaning And Disinfecting Floors In A Veterinary Clinic

Cleaning And Disinfecting Floors In A Veterinary Clinic

Advice For Starting A Cleaning Company

Advice For Starting A Cleaning Company

Manager Mistakes To Avoid - Focusing On Training

Ceramic Tile Sealing Process Concerns

Improving Restroom Cleaning Productivity

Quick Fixes That Destroy Long-Term Productivity

Measuring Productivity With Labor And Square Feet

Know The pH of Cleaning Chemicals

Floor Stripper Is Not The Same As Neutral Cleaner

Helpful Floor Stripping Tips

Proper Steps To Cleaning Restrooms

Back to the Basics: Cleaning A Restroom Correctly

Restoring Damaged Grout In Restrooms

Cleaning To Contract Specifications Don't Always Equal Great Results

Recommendations For Mixing Chemicals

Floor Finishing Advice For Aging Surfaces

Tip To Applying Floor Finish To VCT

When Not to Apply Floor Finish

Overcome Challenges To Stripping Old VCT Floors

Restoring Shine To Old Abused Flooring

Tips To Treating Non-Porous Floors

Applying Floor Finish To Marble Floors

Removing Finish From Marble Floors

Inspect Marble Floors After Cleaning

Picking Equipment And Chemicals For Cleaning Marble Floors

Office Construction Will Increase Cleaning Needs

Shifting From High-Gloss To Matte Finish

Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning

Starting A Cleaning Business Takes Hard Work, Sacrifices

Successful Cleaning Companies Handle Complaints Well

Two Attributes Every Cleaning Business Owner Needs

Fixing A Floor Stripping Mistake

Test Floors Before Quoting A Stripping Price

Proper Care of VCT Flooring

Floor Care Q&A - Tips For Success

Factors To Choosing The Best Floor Care Chemicals

Welcoming New Custodians To The Team

Cleaning Chemicals Need Proper Concentration And Time To Work

Test A New Cleaning Product Before You Buy Into The Hype

What It Takes To Be A Cleaning Consultant

Accurately Describing Cleaning Times

Invest In Janitorial Supervisors With Outside Training And Education

Why You Shouldn't Apply Floor Finish To Baseboards

Some Cleaning Chemicals And Floor Equipment Don't Mix

A Poorly Trained Janitor Can Do Significant Damage

Proper Footwear and Posture Can Prevent Slips and Falls When Cleaning

Preventing Slips and Trips

Floor Finish Application Tips

Re-finishing Floors In A Green Way

Determining And Using Cleaning Times

Cleaning Times That Work For You

Testing Floors Prior to Cleaning

Vinyl Composite Tiles Is The Most Common Flooring To Clean

Avoid Stripping Vinyl Asbestos Tile

Cleaning Tips For Vinyl Asbestos Tile

Cleaning Tips For Linoleum Floors

Defining Resilient Floors

How To Treat Streaking and Slippery Floors

What To Do When Floors Get Scuffed, Scratched or Powdered

Solutions To Poor Gloss On Hard Floors

Two Types of Hard Floors And How To Clean Them

Training Tips That Reduce Cleaning Mistakes

Floor Restoration For Damaged Areas

Never Cut Corners With Floor Care

Identify Floor Maintenance Programs That Work

Preventing Yellowing Floors

Floor Finish Ingredients And How They Work

The History Of Floor Finish

The Evolution Of Floor Finishes

Prepping Floors For Finishes And Sealers

Using Green Floor Care Products Properly

Advice For Using Water-Based Strippers On Floors

Tips To Strip And Recoat Hard Floors

Hard Floor Care Basics - Heavy Regular Maintenance

Proper Chemical Dilution and Time Are Essential For Floor Care

Hard Floor Care: Surfactants and Builders

Using Solvents and Detergents To Clean Floors

Standardize Cleaning Products and Equipment For Simplicity

Stripping and Scrubbing Floors in High Traffic Hallways

Servicing a Grocery Store

Floor Care Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Using Improper Cleaning Terms Can Cause Surface Damage

Cleaning Ceramic and Quarry Tiles

Switching To Green Chemicals Worth It For Health Benefits Alone

Down And Dirty With Disinfection

Managing And Maintaining Smaller Accounts

Tips To Avoid Baseboard Build-Up

Seven Steps To Maintaining Hard Floors

* Extending The Life Of Grout

* Extending The Life Of Grout

* Cleaning Porcelain Tile

* Sealing Grout Lines In Restrooms

* Sealing Grout Lines In Restrooms

* Tile And Grout: Preventative Maintenance Is Key

* Reducing Cross-contamination In Restrooms

* Cleaning Frequencies In Restrooms

* Proper Dwell Time A Must In Restrooms

* Keeping Foodservice Floors Safe

* Cleaning Green Floors

* Pairing Green Floor Finish And Strippers

* Polished Concrete Floors Are Not "Maintenance-Free"

* Floor Care Chemicals In Medical Facilities

* Researching Green Floor Care Chemicals

* Proper Use Of Green Floor Finishes and Strippers

* Cleaning Kitchen Floors

* A European Approach To Floor Care

* Standard To Help Reduce Slips and Falls

* Cleaning Cork and Bamboo Floors

* Winter Is Not The Time To Strip and Refinish Floors

* Using Proper Floor Chemicals Prevents Slips

* Ensuring Worker Safety When Mixing Floor Chemicals

* Daily Stone Floor Care

* Green Floor Chemicals

* Defining What 'Low-VOC' Means