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Adapting to New Demands

Virtual Educational Workshop | Wednesday, September 23, 2020 | 10:00 am – 2:00 pm E.T.

Get Answers to 3 Big Challenges!

Meeting New Demands:
Your cleaning performance is being judged by all new criteria. Learn the steps you can take now to exceed expectations.

The Importance of Workloading:
Best practices that guarantee you have adequate resources to complete the job and meet specifications.

Navigating Supply Chain Demands:
How to work with vendors to ensure you always have proper products and supplies for your teams.

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The Cleaning Summit is for facility managers, executive housekeepers, building service contractors and distributors. Manufacturers/industry suppliers are not allowed to attend.

Learn How To Thrive In the Wake of COVID-19's New Normal

COVID-19 has forever changed the commercial cleaning industry. A renewed focus on cleaning and disinfecting practices and products have building owners, executives, occupants, and frontline workers looking to the building service contractor or in-house team to ensure proper procedures for a safe building.

Cleaning managers are struggling to workload their programs during the pandemic, while product availability and delivery challenges add even more pressure. Attend this digital workshop to hear directly from industry experts and your peers about the new demands contractors and in-house cleaning departments face, as well as tips to meeting those demands.

We will be utilizing Zoom technology to facilitate face-to-face conversations in real time.

This all new digital event includes:


3 tailored educational sessions


Exclusive face-to-face discussions with industry leaders


3 hours of CEUs


September 23, 2020

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10:00 AM
10:15 AM
Gregory Buchner, CBSE President/CEO, CleanOffice / PorterPlus

Changing Demands on the Commercial Cleaning Industry
From increasing frequency to the disinfectant products being used, commercial cleaners have a new set of guidelines that their performance is being judged on. In addition to the increased need for cleaning, many companies are arguing that the lower occupancy rate should have an impact on the cleaning labor time. Hear from a BSC with clients across many different types of facilities on the trends he is seeing across his business.
11:05 AM
Small Group Breakout
11:25 AM
Dominic Bratta, Consultant, DNM Training & Consulting, LLC

The Importance of Workloading in the Current Environment
In this current pandemic environment, cleaning frequencies and tasks performed have changed for good. Workloading is an essential step for all commercial cleaners to properly assign tasks and labor requirements. During this session you will learn firsthand the best practices to workloading, making sure you have adequate resources needed to complete the job and meet specifications.
12:15 PM
Small Group Breakout
12:35 PM
12:50 PM
Keith Schneringer, Director of Channel Marketing + Sustainability, WAXIE Sanitary Supply

Product Availability and Navigating Supply Chain Demands
Increased demands for cleaning products and equipment, coupled with packaging and product supply chain bottlenecks, have left cleaning organizations scrambling to come up with solutions to increased janitorial needs. What are you going to do if you cannot purchase the products and equipment needed to complete your tasks? This session looks at current sourcing challenges and ways you can work with your vendors to make sure you have proper products and supplies for your teams.
1:40 PM
Small Group Breakout
2:00 PM
Wrap Up
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There are no prerequisites for this program. Anyone is allowed to register and attend.

Satisfactory Requirements for CEU

The following requirements are mandatory to receive the IACET CEUs offered:

  • You must be scanned into the session.
  • You must be present for over 90% of the conference day.
  • You must successfully answer at least 70% of the learning outcome assessment questions which will be administered at the conclusion of the session.

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Hear from Industry Experts

Gregory Buchner, CBSE

Gregory Buchner, CBSE

President/CEO, CleanOffice /PorterPlus

Greg Buchner is the President & CEO of CleanOffice, Inc. CleanOffice is based in Northern Virginia and employs 400+ front-line cleaners across the DC Metro Area (VA, MD, DC). Greg serves on the Board of Directors of BSCAI and is passionate about the value that BSCAI brings to its members and to their respective clients

Dominic Bratta

Dominic Bratta

Consultant, DNM Training & Consulting, LLC

After a 40-year career with the United States Postal Service (USPS) Bratta retired in 2018 and started DNM Training and Consulting, LLC. Prior to his retirement, Dominic worked as the Manager of Maintenance Planning and Support at the USPS Headquarters in Washington DC, responsible for policies and programs for the maintenance organization nationwide. Starting in 2009, Dominic played a key role in the development and implementation of new engineered, scientific cleaning process for USPS based on team cleaning principles.

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Keith Schneringer

Director of Channel Marketing + Sustainability, WAXIE Sanitary Supply

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