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Addressing Vulnerabilities in Your Infection Control Program

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Almost daily, troubling headlines announce the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections and the resurgence of once-rare childhood diseases. The fact is, when it comes to infection control, what you don’t see can hurt you. Controlling the growth of harmful microorganisms is vital to human health, but that is easier said than done when it comes to targeting an invisible enemy. For cleaning professionals, understanding common (and not-so-common) vulnerabilities in a cleaning program is essential to improving occupant health and mitigating the spread of infection. This webcast sheds light on common pain points in any cleaning program and offers insights into how to reduce risking the spread of infection.

AnalyzeAnalyze the difference between clean and sanitary
LearnLearn about vulnerable areas in buildings and in cleaning programs
DiscussDiscuss the need to move away from cleaning for the sake of appearance
ReviewReview the elements of a cleaning for health program
Darrel Hicks
Featured Speaker

Darrel Hicks, BA, Master REH, CHESP, Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention

Co-Founder and Contributor for

J. Darrel Hicks began his career in the management of hospital housekeeping services in 1981 and has retired from his role as the Director of Environmental Services at a 500-bed, award-winning hospital in the United States.

Hicks is also co-author of the Certified Environmental Services Technician (CEST) for the Academy of Clean in Orlando, FL. The six-module course is intended to aid front-line workers and their leaders in understanding their critical role of preventing and controlling infections in a healthcare setting.

Darrel is accredited as an official ISSA Cleaning Industry Standard Certification Trainer and Certified as an EXPERT TRAINER.

As the owner/principal of Darrel Hicks, LLC, Hicks specializes in B2B consulting, webinar presentations, seminars and facility consulting services related to providing hygienically clean surfaces.

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