xpedx announced it has launched Select Supplies, an online purchasing and management service to help U.S. building service contractors reduce procurement costs and better manage purchasing across their company. The no-cost site is at selectsuppliesonline.com.

The company will introduce the new service and discuss its full range of cleaning supplies and equipment offerings at the BSCAI Annual Convention, Booth 733, April 13-17 in Chicago. xpedx is a major U.S. distributor of janitorial and sanitation supplies for high-traffic/high-volume facilities such as office buildings, arenas and health care centers. U.S. building service contractors are core xpedx customers.

Across North America, BSCs are growing as facility owners and managers continue to outsource cleaning services. In addition, many BSCs are expanding into new cities and new types of facilities.

As BSCs grow, they need to tightly manage their spending, and leverage their total supplies and equipment dollars across their operation.

"Spending on cleaning supplies and equipment is an area where aggressive cost-management can yield important savings and profitability," said David O'Neill, vice president of marketing for facility supplies at xpedx. "These goods typically account for as much as 7% of a company's total annual expenses."

In addition to generating new efficiencies and cost-savings, BSCs that manage their total consumables spend more closely and efficiently can also gain new competitive advantage and fresh capital for growth.

Select Supplies was created to do the following for BSCs:

• Standardize product usage.  Select Supplies eliminates employee "shopping" for non-approved supplies.  BSC headquarters pre-specifies products for use.   Select Supplies also facilitates training and regulatory compliance, improves safety and performance and decreases total inventory while increasing inventory turns.
• Control budgets.  With Select Supplies, BSCs can manage their spending by category-from paper towels to chemicals, sundries to can liners.  More importantly, managers can manage by exception:  the only orders they concern themselves with are the ones out of budget or contrary to company rules.  This allows BSCs to take control of their spending.

• Report on all aspects of spending and product usage.  Reports can be generated quickly and at any time-by budget, order, customer, product categories, manufacturer, regions or any other way BSC managers select.  This allows management to measure purchasing compliance.

Another key differentiator Select Supplies offers over other online purchasing tools is that BSCs can obtain all top cleaning product brands-wherever in the U.S. they need them delivered.  The brands include Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific, SCA Tissue, JohnsonDiversey, Rubbermaid, 3M, Heritage Bag, GOJO and many more.

Select Supplies is part of a suite of e-commerce solutions offered by xpedx to help its customers improve returns and efficiency.  xpedx has a national team of e-Business specialists to help customers find the best tools to fit their needs and to maximize the benefits of Select Supplies. xpedx posted $1.2 billion in e-commerce sales in 2006.