The Americans with Disabilities Act announced the implementation of rules that incorporate the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines in new construction and alterations of public and commercial facility walkways.

According to the report:
"Over twenty-seven million Americans report some difficulty in walking. Of these, eight million have a severe limitation; one-fifth of this population is elderly. Ambulatory persons with mobility impairments--especially those who use walking aids--are particularly at risk of slipping and falling even on level surfaces. Preliminary research conducted for the Access Board in 1990 through the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute at The Pennsylvania State University compared the slip-resistance needs of persons with mobility impairments and those without disabilities walking on level and ramped surfaces both indoors and out. Findings from this limited human-subject testing confirmed that individuals who have gait and mobility disabilities make greater demands on the walking surfaces of floors, ramps, and walkways. The information in this Bulletin was derived from this and other research in order to provide designers with an understanding of the variables that affect the measurement and performance of materials specified for use on walking surfaces."

To read the full report from the United States Access Board, click here.