According to reports from Inclean in Australia, the World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC) is adopting a more aggressive marketing stance in order to position itself as the leading promoter of the cleaning industry, globally.

Andrew Large, London-based WFBSC executive vice president and CSSA chief executive, outlined some of the positive initiatives that are taking place within the organization — new sponsors; Brazil's hosting the 2012 Congress; and the positive responses received from various high profile global bodies and government organizations to WFBSC overtures.

“Our WFBSC Communique, delivered at this 2011 Congress, clearly sets out the Federation’s goals, and calls to action for the various industry participants,” emphasized Large.

The Curitiba (Brazil) 2012 WFBSC Congress will then report on progress made against those calls.

The Communique points out that, ‘Building service contractors are closely linked to sustainable development. It is a transverse sector that is linked to all other sectors; it is a trade that is largely dependent on human resources rather than capital and it is a trade that consumes energy and other resources and creates pollution. The global building service contractor agenda should reflect these realities.’

Protecting the planet, developing people and maximizing profit are the themes through which the Communique was developed. Calls to action addressed to BSCs, Suppliers and Trade Associations comprise the Communique’s core.

Large said the WFBSC has already been active, working on behalf of all world cleaning industry parties, on the Global Harmonised System (for chemicals). The issue of ‘corrosiveness’ and its potentially very negative impacts on chemical manufacturers is being addressed by appropriate world government bodies.