Many people don’t fully appreciate the health benefits associated with proper vacuuming. Individuals who don’t have a vacuum, or who don’t have access to efficient equipment, often have a better understanding of what’s missing when vacuuming doesn’t take place or isn’t efficient.

“We understand that some individuals have to choose between purchasing a vacuum and taking care of daily needs,” says Matthew M. Wood, ProTeam’s president. “Our donation program is part of our corporate philosophy to assist individuals and organizations as we are able. Our review committee felt that the St. Martin Center in Erie, Penn., deserved a donation both to help the agency and those it serves.”

The St. Martin Center is a not-for-profit organization serving individuals in 13 counties. Assistance is provided to approximately 22,000 people a year through a variety of programs.

“ProTeam provided four ProCare 15XP upright vacuums for our clients and one backpack vacuum for the Center, which has benefited both those we serve and our agency,” says Trenae Egan, development director. “The ability to properly clean a home, or an office in the agency’s case, is very important. The individuals who received the vacuums could not have purchased this equipment on their own.”

The ProCare 15XP has an internal HEPA media filter and organically treated Intercept Micro Filter that captures up to 99.79% of dust mites, pollen, bacteria and chemical residue measuring 1 micron and larger. Egan says that the cleaning filtration system is very important to those who received the units.

“The first vacuum went to a fire victim who lost everything,” she says. “Smoke inhalation incurred during the fire impacted her breathing. The HEPA filter helps to maintain a cleaner environment in her new home – one that minimizes the reintroduction of particles back into the air during vacuuming. Two other units went to families who have members with health concerns, and our caseworkers are in the process of determining the recipient for the fourth vacuum.”

Egan says that most of the center’s building is carpeted, and that the heavy traffic throughout the building generates a lot of dust and debris. She says the backpack vacuum that was donated for use at the Center enables maintenance personnel to provide a cleaner environment for staff and clients