Univera Healthcare is partnering with GOJO Industries to spread the word about the importance of good hand hygiene as an important part of everyday well being.

"Our goal is to educte children on proper hand washing techniques to helppreventthe spread of germs and illness as well asprovide parents with information and resources to support proper hand washing habits," said Olivia Belter, Community Affairs Director for Unviera Healthcare. "We are pleased to be working with GOJO Industries, the inventor of PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer."

According to Education market Development director Geo Money, "GOJO apprecites the opportunity to work with Univera on this initiative . Hand hygiene is essential for a ehalth learning environment."

Univera's Green & Clean Initiative will be introduced to more than 50 elementary schools in wester New York over the next three years.

Illness is responsible for more than 144 million lost school days per year.1 Absenteeism robs students of learning time, which can translate into lost learning opportunities that can negatively impact student achievement.

The Green & clean Initiative includes an education program for grades K - 5. Materials and tools used include:

A germ businter machine to visuallyhighlight what parts of their hands students missed when they wash their hands
Bathroommirror clings to remind everyone to wash their hands, as well as tips on reinforcing healthy habits at home

Materials provided by GOJO include:

•Lesson plans featuring CLEAN GENE, a smart and fun-loving character created by GOJO that helps educators lead kis through hand hygeine learning activities
• Links to CLEAN GENE Video Games

"Teachers today know the importance of using the latest technology when helping children learn hand hygiene techniques," said Money. "Our CLEAN GENE Video games make learning fun."

In addition to the GOJO CLEAN GENE Video Games, students are given a reminder tool from Univera.

"Students receive a lime green wristband with a Green & Clean Code to remind them to wash their hands," said Belter. "When the children recite the Green & Clean Code twice, it is thecorrect amount of time (20 seconds) to wash their hands."