Unisource Worldwide, Inc., one of the leading distributors of paper, packaging and facility supplies in North America, has announced a special program for packaging equipment customers as it launches a new stretch film wrapper equipment program.

To promote its innovative product line, Unisource is now offering customers who try the Private Brand equipment two years of FREE use. Customers who purchase a minimum of two pallets of stretch film a month from Unisource can use the high-performance Private Brand stretch wrapper for two years - ABSOLUTELY FREE - complete with quarterly preventative maintenance. At the conclusion of the two-year period, customers may purchase the Private Brand stretch wrapper at market value, or Unisource will take it back - no questions asked.

"We just unwrapped our Unisource brand stretch wrapper at the 2008 EastPack show in New York City and the response was fantastic," said Mike Schoenberger, Vice President - Packaging Systems. "It was a huge hit! Frankly, that's what we thought would happen when we designed our Private Brand machine after listening to our customers and stretch film experts. This promotion will now enable our sales professionals to firmly establish our product line in the nationwide marketplace."

Unisource has entered the Private Brand packaging equipment arena by introducing its own stretch film wrapper, loaded with features not available on other equipment currently on the market. The company is already shipping its Private Brand stretch wrapper units to customers, and additional inventory is staged throughout its U.S. distribution network.

The Unisource Private Brand stretch wrapper machine offers innovative features, including:

A dual-speed roll carriage that produces a faster up-speed for stabilizing irregular profile loads and a slower down-speed for securing loads;
Self-diagnostics through a built-in troubleshooting system;
Powder-coated paint that not only protects the stretch wrapper's look even after years of operation but also helps eliminate ozone-depleting volatile organic compounds (VOCs);
An Allen-Bradley PLC, with market-leading reliability and nationwide accessibility;
Quieter operation due to a belt-drive roll carriage that eliminates clanging chains and noisy casters; and
A lifetime guarantee on the machine's pre-stretch rollers. Made in the U.S.A., the Unisource stretch wrapper is a feature-rich machine that can handle loads that weigh up to two tons, are almost seven feet high, and exceed four feet wide. Using a belt drive on its roll carriage, the Unisource machine is designed for quieter operation and less maintenance than stretch wrappers that use the traditional chain-and-sprocket carriage drive design.

The Unisource stretch wrapper's dual-speed roll carriage also offers the benefits of a fast up-speed to stabilize irregular profile loads and a slower down-speed for securing loads. The pre-stretch rollers are guaranteed for the life of the machine, because they can't be damaged when operators need to load or remove stretch film.