Unisource Worldwide, Inc., has joined the social media network – including Facebook and Twitter – and is already an active participant within these online communities.

Visitors to the company’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/UnisourceWorldwide) will gain access to the latest Unisource news, product and specification information, upcoming events, videos, photos and so much more.  Graphic designers, printers, packaging and facility supplies professionals, green-minded individuals and other interested-parties are encouraged to visit Unisource’s page and participate in the conversation with the company about industry-related and “green” discussions.

“We have found that every day, many of our key audiences – customers, prospects, suppliers, Team Members, industry influencers - from across the marketplace discuss, support and embrace Unisource and its brands in conversations that are taking place online,” said Ed Farley, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Communications for Unisource.  “As an industry leader, we recognize the importance of participating in these conversations to ensure that our company has an online presence, and even more importantly, we are listening to what is important to our customers, suppliers and other industry leaders,” said Farley.

In addition to the company’s Facebook page, Unisource also has a Twitter following which can be found at www.twitter.com/Unisource_UWW.  The company “tweets” on a regular basis and uses this platform to learn and engage with its growing follower base.  Recently, Unisource hosted a “Live Twitter” session at its second Supplier Sustainability Symposium. The tweets included quotes, statistics and photos from the conference, providing real-time information to the company’s followers who were unable to attend the Atlanta event in person.

"These online communication channels are another way to have a dialogue and listen to the people who are most important to our business,” said Farley.  “We encourage our fans to interact with us, network within our community and learn about Unisource’s extensive product offering,” Farley said.