U.S. Green Building Council CEO Richard Fedrizzi speaks often about the benefits of green. That is why it was no surprise when he visited Miami, Florida to talk to industry leaders who have been slow to embrace green initiatives, according to the Miami Herald.

Throughout the interview Fedrizzi was asked questions such as, "What are the advantages of LEED building and why is it important to implement it? His answer touched on a variety of examples, but the bottom line is, "it is not only financially smart, you can also tell a story of environmental responsibility."

When asked about the financial obligations to green building, Fedrizzi explains the progress that the USGBC has made over the years and emphasizes that "we have come to a point where you can build to LEED standards and it is not one penny more than conventional building."

He goes on to address what county governments can do to encourage green building, where existing LEED certified projects are being built and how LEED works.

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