UNICCO Service Company announced an expansion to its UNICCO GreenClean program. Following a year of active new account startups and customer conversions to green cleaning and services, UNICCO launched a GreenClean operations kit and a newly designed Web site for customers, prospects and the industry. Further delivering on its “Guaranteed Clean. Certifiably Green” mission, the company also launched the UNICCO GreenClean Compliant certification program for qualified customers.

“At UNICCO, we are well down the road on environmental practices,” said George Lohnes, UNICCO vice president. “We are moving into our second phase, building on our track record and demonstrated results. We believe that the green operations toolkit is the first in the industry to provide this level of comprehensive green cleaning guidance. This operational tool, coupled with the vast resources that we have gathered to address environmental consciousness, makes UNICCO the undisputed leader among building service contractors.”

UNICCO has developed a standard operating procedures tool box which is a comprehensive operations and communications green cleaning resource. The kit includes:

  • Operations procedure manual with detailed procedures for approved green cleaning techniques
  • A catalog of certified and approved green cleaning products along with data sheets
  • A listing of approved equipment with data sheets
  • Reporting forms for activities reporting, equipment maintenance and program certification
  • Multilingual posters for break areas, mixing stations, and other work areas
  • A video overview of UNICCO’s services and GreenClean program
  • The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System guidelines
In addition, UNICCO has revamped its online eProcurement system to place Green Seal certified and environmentally preferable chemicals and equipment as default selections so operations people can easily order approved green products.

The company is also relaunching its Greencleaning.com Web site. Greencleaning.com is a resource for information on UNICCO’s environmental practices and partners. It includes information on Green Seal and LEED programs, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ashkin Group and other resources, as well as news and information on environmental topics from industry publications.