Tennant Company announced that its Tennant brand of FaST 365 and FaST 665 hard surface cleaning detergent has earned Green Seal Environmental Standard certification. FaST is Tennant Company’s patented foam-activated scrubbing technology. Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), it uses 70 percent less solution to create cleaner, safer floors that help reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. The Green Seal certification identifies FaST as being an environmentally responsible cleaning detergent.

Tennant’s FaST 365, 665 and 965 and Noble’s FaST MP and MPD also meet the European Detergents Directive EC 648/2004, a rigid environmental guideline that mandates that the surfactants in detergents be at least 60 percent biodegradable within 28 days of use. Tennant’s FaST 365, 665 and 965 and Nobles FaST MP and MPD have never contained APEs or NPEs. These surfactants are often used in detergents in cleaning and other products. Both nonylphenol ethoxylates and their breakdown products, such as nonylphenol, can harm aquatic life.

“Tennant Company has long been a steward of the environment, as evidenced in our legacy of introducing innovative products and technologies that use less water and chemical, improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, and advance safety,” said Stan Mierzejewski, senior marketing manager, Branding and Industry Relations with Tennant Company. “Our FaST detergents are pinnacles of Tennant Company’s commitment to the environment. We are very pleased that FaST has been recognized both nationally and internationally for being environmentally sound.”

FaST is available on nine Tennant hard floor machines, including the T3, T7, 5680, and 5700 walk-behind scrubbers, the T7, T20, 7200, and 7300 rider scrubbers, and the M20 Scrubber-Sweeper.