Mark Warner, director of training for Enviro-Solutions and president of the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Association, says plans are under way for a new video discussing the history and future of the green movement, green cleaning and sustainability. In fact, he says the industry can expect a number of "twists and turns" in the green and sustainable movement in the next few years. One goal of the new video is to "provide a heads-up" for jan/san distributors, so they have an idea of what's in store.
According to Warner, some of the items he plans to cover in the video include the following:
• The first wave of the green movement occurred in the 1960s and 1970s: "End-customers were looking for products that 'do less harm'; this is going to shift to selecting products that 'do more good.'"
• Through the early 1990s, companies did not connect sustainability with core business values: "In the future sustainability will be part of a company's DNA. ... It will help define who and what [a company is]."
• Why bio-based, renewable ingredients such as corn and soy will make up a far larger share of future green cleaning "chemical" offerings.

"And one of the biggest changes is that sustainability will evolve into restorability," says Warner. "Astute organizations will find they can make money by restoring ecosystems to pre-industrial conditions. In essence, a new industry will be born."