Tornado Industries recently asked their distributors and account reps to list the key challenges facing their customers when it comes to floor care. From this, Tornado created the “Top Ten Floor Care Challenges.” These are:
1.  Awkward floor layouts and designs.  Some buildings are designed with minimal regard to how floors will be cleaned and maintained.
2.  Tight budgets.  Floor maintenance postponed due to costs typically means floors become more difficult to maintain.
3.  Inadequate training. Continuous education ensures workers are updated on the latest cleaning techniques. 
4.  Antiquated machines.  Keeping old machines past their life expectancy can be costly.  Newer machines are often easier to use, improve worker productivity, and offer better value than a restored, older machine.
5.  Not allowing sufficient drying time between coats when refinishing.
6.  No floor maintenance plan in place, detailing daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual floor care procedures.
7.  Ineffective or no matting system at key entries.
8.  Not prioritizing floors.  Some floors need more cleaning attention than others.
9.  Selecting the wrong type of floor.  Designers may select a floor for appearance rather than function.
10. Refinishing floors at the wrong time of year. In most cases, it is preferable to refinish floors during spring and summer months.
“Ultimately, the keys to proper floor care are having the right equipment and proper training,” says Mike Schaffer, Tornado’s president. “With these in place, most floor care challenges can be met and handled.”