Tolco Corporation, was recently selected to aid in the cleanup of the gulf coast following the BP oil leak.

“We are honored to have been selected to do our part to clean up one of our nations greatest environmental disasters,” said George Notarianni, President of Tolco Corporation. “The selection process began shortly after the disaster occurred. One of our leading distributors, working directly with BP, presented us with the opportunity, and we did everything we could to facilitate and expedite the delivery of sprayers to the region,” Notarianni went on to say. Notarianni concluded, “To date, we have shipped over 40,000 of the 320CR trigger sprayers to the Gulf Region to aid in the cleanup.”

“Thankfully, it is not every day these opportunities present themselves,” said Alberto Martinez, Marketing Manager for Tolco Corporation. “We are just pleased we can do our part. The inherent durability and versatility of the 320CR will help reduce further environmental impact. There are less expensive sprayers
on the market, but they lack durability and in the long run, that meant more sprayers in landfills,” Martinez added.